Bad Dad
57 years later, 2019, working on the website.

 My life

After Kobbe and Balboa High, I finished my senior year at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon.

I spent the next six years studying biology until the Draft Board gave me a 3-year break in the U.S. Army.
Then I went back and finished my graduate degree in biology.

I then worked with motorcycles and snowmobiles for 11 years doing everything from sales to machine work.

My final "career" was 25 years in commercial printing as a cameraman, photographer, scanner, and pixel artist.
I retired in 2008.

Now I cook, clean, and repair for Carolyn.
I'm Dad to Mike, Step-Dad to Jason and Bad Dad to Lilly the Corgi Mix.
For myself, I shoot, photograph, and wish I could afford to go flying.
I enjoy reading my Kindle Paperwhite every evening.

I care for Juniper Sky and SkyLark, located in the high desert Juniper-Sage of Oregon.
The ownership of these lands is ours at the pleasure of all mankind.

I defend The Rule of Law, Independent Thinking and Self-Reliance.
I deplore Statism, Open Society, Group Think and Political Correctness.
I tolerate most social flux.

Respects to all!

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