The Tools

Zeiss Ikon, 120 film, 16 exposures, Model 521, early 1940's compact folding camera

Zeiss in use, showing filter attachment

Kodak Duaflex, 620 roll film, 12 exposures, this was the basic point, shoot, and pray camera of the 1950's.

Larrie using the Duaflex.


Leitz Minox B, roll film cartridge, 36 exposures, "Spy Camera." Nowadays we would call this a "low res" camera due to the tiny 8x11mm negatives.

It was loaned by Jack Remele.

Leica IIIf with mystery dual sync flash terminals (soon to appear on the new reflex model) which I used with flashbulbs, 35mm film

It was loaned by Jack Remele.

My trusty General Electric
PR-1 Exposure Meter

The sometimes trusty Roadmaster bike with coaster brake and crash basket.

I got a slick Komaflex-S in Panama City. It uses 127 roll film.

I wish they had made them a little more robust. Now a collector's item.