Flying to RIO HATO:
Site of numerous military exercises especially air drops.
In December 1989 Rio Hato saw intense live action during La Invasión to capture Manuel Noriega.

"Airborne Daddy" lyrics, modified as appropriate, are included below some of the photos; you may remember them well.

"Loading at Howard, leaving home.
C-130 it began to groan. "

Three photos across by Dad Strong

"C-130 rolling down the strip,
HQ Daddy gonna take a little trip."

"Mission top secret, destination unknown.
And we don't know if we'll ever come home."

Dell's bi-lingual call center in Panama will be in the middle of this photo in about 45 years. You probably have talked with them!

Yea! Friendly aircraft passing by us.
These Air Force Thunderbirds will show the Aggressor Forces some Esparanto!

The sound alone gave me goosebumps.

Here come our Friendly troops.