Sue Heimer, Millie Hare, Mike Bruce, and Vina Kimbrough at choir practice.  

Back: from left, 1 Sue Diercks, 2 Twink Rowland,
3 Sharon Cressy, 4 Sue Heimer, 5 Mike Bruce,
6 Terri Lockhart, 7 Vina Kimbrough, 8 Brenda Treat.

Front: from left, 1 girl, 2 Charlotte Spence,
3 Barbara Coy, 4 girl, 5 Gwen Freakley, 6 girl,
7 Juanita Springer, 8 Patsy (?).

Choir practice directed by David Hottel.

Don't let their attentive sweetness fool you.

Jim Brotherton in the back right row.
Even the kids are retirement age now.