Near Farfan Beach

Venado Beach where old road entered.
Note the wreckage; it is an identification point.

Grass on upper left is where I hid one night after the MP patrol found us so-o-o drunk. I escaped! But the scary dark walk back through the jungle around midnight, alone and drunk, was punitive enough.

Looks like a turtle; where is the ocean? Wait! It looks like two turtles!

Here is my collection of sand critter art. Looks like a lot of work done between tides. I never did find out what made them ... until 2020. Looks like a Sand Bubbler Crab or Soldier Crab made them. SE Asia and Australia are the locations mentioned; and of course Panama Pacific beaches.

The Sand Bubbler Crab shoves sand into its "mouth" extracts stuff it can digest and tosses the chewed sand out in a ball.

Sand Bubbler Crab Feeding
Attribution: zefrank1

There are also amphipods and isopods that live in sand. Think something like Sand Fleas and Sowbugs.