Kobbe and the Kobbe Kids

I tried to find images that show places where we hung out and lived. I failed to find some photos. They must still be stored away...in memory only?? 

I loved the warm clear evenings that made astronomy so pleasant. Some night shots were made with exposures of over an hour.

The beach was my favorite escape; so there are plenty of those shots.

As kids, here we are!  Photographic proof that we were, but who are we now...? Who are these thin kids!! Some of us are gone...these pictures are still here for us to remember. My best times were the youth activities; our children and their children would be so lucky to have the great activities we were offered! Do you remember Contract Bridge classes? Hard to believe so many teenagers, from wide backgrounds, learning to play contract bridge; and doing it on many Saturdays! We used to eat a lot of popcorn and drink gallons of lemonade trying for those points! And then we had the golf course with its giant land crabs and small greens perched atop mounds.
It was cheap and fun!!

I have fond memories of long "cold" water showers, movie premiers, tennis, bowling, go kart races, the stage plays, the swimming pool, the field trips, and the beaches. The most beautiful girls and cool guys...it was the greatest!
I wanna go back!  


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