Ed Freakley is getting a streamer for our guidon from Colonel Newcomer. We must have been good at something. I think finding Fourth Place.

"PLATOON!" Doug Major commanding.

That is a genuine sword!
Self-responsibility was a reality; risk was balanced with reward.

Looking for rust on the butt plate ...yikes!
"Sir! This is Panama; rust is heritage, Sir!" Reichart, put Keepers down for 100 pushups!"

"1 Sir! 2 Sir! 3 Sir! ..."
"This is my rifle. This is my gun ...."

Looking hard for any little piece of lint in the bore. It is a training game. I'd look for a plugged barrel first.


Most of the guys were in ROTC. And some of the girls too.

Rainy day inspection. We loved it because there was little Drill. No "dog-eying me, Lang!"