The halls are quiet. There is no air conditioning yet.

The sound controls for the auditorium; good for amusement when the place was empty.

I hate it when someone shows bad photos of the same subject, don't you? This is for those people.

Study hall in the auditorium; I studied here and had lots of time for myself at home. I hated homework then. I hate homework now. I will always hate homework!

Teachers note: Back then there was NO texting or video games allowed during study hall.

BHS library board with decorations; a lot of "girl's" book covers; no boy stuff.
Val N. Tine's birthday? Who was Val?
How about the book "Machine Guns: Mechanism, The Practical Handling Of Machine Gun Fire, Machine Gun Tactics" (1917) (Hardcover.)

Libraries ...the birthplace of conflict.

Real report cards existed before Achievement gave way to Mediocrity.