Balboa High School

I recollect the floors were pretty crusty. They spread oil all over them from time to time and it was a great collector of yukkiness. 

Most of the guys joined the Army Jr. ROTC program and a lot of my lasting character was formed within that group.  Those ROTC classes came in very handy for my U.S. Army days, yet to come. 

We had to wear skimpy, stupid PE uniforms! I remember doing pushups when an earthquake happened.  I was low on the ground, heard a rumble; and felt and saw the earth moving in little, very fast, waves! 

The teachers were very personable and close to us; something I did not experience in my senior year stateside.  

I am still upset about leaving Balboa High without graduating there! 
It was a wonderful place to be a teenager!

Decal on the original lacquer-finished
wood-covered Kobbe Kid Album ...
made in Japan.

Aerial photo from the 1961 Zonian Yearbook

Balboa and Balboa High School map
BHS Patch
Jack Frediani's Memorial BHS Patch