The Third Lane Expansion historical excavation at Miraflores

Actual excavation occurred between July 1940 and mid-1942. The project was cancelled for several reasons; WWII needs, the decline of larger battleship usefulness, and the three or more years needed to finish. It was thought easier to defend Gatun Lake with fewer locks as targets.

The Miraflores Bridge was a completed part of the project.

Where are these 1962s going? Looks like Fords, Chevrolets, and some of their imported models.

Ships use their own power for the transit; the mules just make sure things stay lined up.

The Third Lane Expansion is a hot project again for large ships. The 1940's excavation was not a waste.

There she goes! Time to start your car engine.

BLA-A-T! See you next time!

Soon she will drop off the Pilot and be full underway.