Canal Zone

Many images were selected because they involved the things we saw from day to day as we went to school. Much of our social life occurred while waiting for the school bus, and riding to and from Balboa High School.
It was always interesting.

Everything was for the ships. They were in our daily life. We often watched ships locking through at Miraflores from behind an open swing span bridge.
I can't forget the shipping.

The Bridge of the Americas was completed just after we left. Traffic became so heavy that Panama built the Millennium Bridge to relieve traffic in the Balboa area.
The new bridge is inspiring, awesome, and beautiful!

The Balboa area was quiet back then; I remember getting together at the "clubhouse" for lunches and having a huge RC in a big glass of ice; very refreshing! At night, it was cool and beautiful.
Being a teenager in such a romantic place was very exciting!

We Miltary Brats were foreigners among the Zonian Americans. There was a unique Zonian flavor to life which adopted the speed and customs of the American South.
I liked it!


Our last Canal Zone license plate.

Bridge of the Americas bolt dropped in May, 1962 during bridge assembly.

The head of the bolt

  Canal Zone Postage Stamps  
  CZ Stamp
Ship Ancon
CZ Stamp
World Against Malaria