Panama is a country of spectacular variety and beauty.  My adult outlook conflicts with the romantic images of youth when pondering current human endeavors.  We were young then and only awakening to the politics of the United States of America, Panama, and the world.  Many of us were born in the Canal Zone and are able to be dual citizens.  Many are living there now or freely vacation there.  Many have Panamanian relatives and enjoy family reunions.  The people of Panama I knew daily and met in the interior were all wonderful.  I really miss them.  This album is my tip of the iceberg of what Panama was then.

A Panamanian penny for your thoughts.

I saved this Centésimo de Balboa in my treasure pile when we left Panama..

Urracá was an native Panamanian chieftan who fought against the Spanish Conquistadors.
  Panama Postage Stamps  

Anniversary of the OEA 1958

Olympic Games Rome 1960