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We hope to continue to add photos to this page.  If you have pictures to add, please send them to Gary Strong.


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Fort Kobbe/Howard AFB in the 1960's

Fort Kobbe/Howard AFB   Fort Kobbe/Howard AFB   Fort Kobbe/Howard AFB

Kobbe/Howard AFB Golf Course   Howard AFB as seen from the Golf Course

Jim King's 1960-1962 Album

2010-04-18_161345 small

Wayne Lindholm 1950-1952
My father was in the army and we were stationed at Ft Kobbe from 1950 to 1952.

Lindholms 1990 L-R Wayne, Marge, Myrna, Oscar [father], Larry

Around Fort Kobbe

Fort Kobbe Officer's Club  Inspection at Fort Kobbe Parade  Scenery of Fort Kobbe 

 Housing in Front of Kobbe Hill   Golf Course and Kobbe Beach   Rifle Range

Fort Kobbe Theater


Kobbe Beach

 Shark Net at Kobbe Beach   Island off Kobbe Beach

 Kobbe Beach   Close up View of the Shark Net


Panama Canal

Swing Briidge at Miraflores Locks   Pedro Miguel Locks   Pedro Miguel Locks


Kobbe Kids

Bobby Hafley and Emo Olinger   Mike Smith Moffett

Jose Sierra 1953-54

Kobbe Kids at the Beach   rfortune.JPG (23574 bytes)

Fifth Grade Class of Fort Kobbe High School   The Original Beach Boys

   4th grade class   Class of 62-2nd grade   team photo


   wedding.jpg (37466 bytes)

Cheerleaders of Fort Kobbe

cheerleading squad  cheerleading squad


Kobbe Kids Bowling Team

Kobbe Kids Bowling Team

Fort Kobbe Little League

Kobbe Kids Basketball Team

Memorabilia from Fort Kobbe

Ginnups in a Tivoli plate and bowl set   Mola from Republic of Panama 

Canal Zone Kart Club Patch  Troop16 Picture   Boy Scout Patch

Panther Patrol Patch   Dependant's ID Card   Fire Patch

Teen Age Club Card  Stamp From Panama Canal

Christmas Card   Christmas Card