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Summer of 1993

Fort Kobbe Wide Shot2.jpg (51069 bytes)
Fort Kobbe Wide Shot 1

Fort Kobbe Wide Shot3.jpg (48637 bytes)
Fort Kobbe Wide Shot 2

Fort Kobbe(view from Chapel).jpg (45032 bytes)
Fort Kobbe-Wide Shot 3

Fort Kobbe2.jpg (66619 bytes)
Fort Kobbe Housing 1

Fort Kobbe Housing.jpg (65454 bytes)
Fort Kobbe Housing 2

Fort Kobbe-Housing.jpg (60036 bytes)
Kobbe Housing 3

Fort Kobbe-Beach 2.jpg (71415 bytes)
Kobbe Beach 1

Fort Kobbe-Beach.jpg (51767 bytes)
Kobbe Beach 2

Taboga Island.jpg (68887 bytes)
Taboga Island

Fort Kobbe WWII Bunker.jpg (71040 bytes)
Fort Kobbe WWII Bunker

Fort Kobbe-Recognize this Street.jpg (66224 bytes)
Recognize this Street?

Kobbe Chapel.JPG (38781 bytes)
Fort Kobbe Chapel

HOWCHAP[1].JPG (60037 bytes)
Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Bird of Paradise.jpg (84504 bytes)
The Bird Of Paradise

Fort Kobbe-Hibiscus.jpg (53622 bytes)
A nice Hibiscus! (sic)

Fort Kobbe-Coconut Tree.jpg (99539 bytes)
A Coconut Tree!

Fort Kobbe-Field.jpg (69203 bytes)
These aren't beagles playing this field!

Fort Kobbe-Plant.jpg (56502 bytes)
Won't find this one at Home Depot!

Fort Kobbe-Jungle 2.jpg (95780 bytes)
Nice Jungle!

Fort Kobbe-jungle.jpg (94704 bytes)
Tarzan is around here someplace!


This is the Playa Bonita Resort known to us as Kobbe Beach

Return To Fort Kobbe and Visiting Playa Bonita December 2007

Michael Strong

Ft. Kobbe - Our House

Ft. Kobbe - Our Street with Guards

Ft. Kobbe - Our Street

Ft. Kobbe - Pool

Ft. Kobbe - Theatre

Playa Bonita - Beach View from Restaurant

Playa Bonita - Mike on Beach

Playa Bonita - View from Our Room

Playa Bonita - View from Our Room

Playa Bonita - View of Beach from Our room

Playa Bonita Christmas Tree

Playa Bonita Front Desk

Keith Nusbaum 2014

My family lived at 157 Rencher Ave, Howard, from 62 - 66. It was a
single family thing just down the hill from the Commander's manse. We
moved there from Ft. Clayton  where we had lived for a few years
before. I went to Los Rios ES, Diablo Heights JHS and BHS until we
went north in May of '66.

There were four kids, Sisters Susan, Sally and Mary.

My daughter lives in Penonome so I get back to Panama quite a bit
these days. As you have posted, Kobbe/Howard has become a residence
community, Panama Pacifico and is pretty upscale, but you can still
see traces of the old place.

Thanks for the site.

Keith Nusbaum